It’s hard to imagine a time without backpacks as the popularity of backpacks has gone beyond what it was. Gone are the days where backpacks were only thought of when one needed to go hiking or backpacking through the Grand Canyon. Backpacks are now an urban item, a fashion accessory, a lifestyle necessity and a fashion statement piece. The cultural convergence of backpacks comes not as a fad but as an item that’s here to stay. Many “lifestyle researchers” trace the origin of backpacks to certain brands but can one really tell? As with other new trends like fashionable bike helmets, eco-friendly water bottles, reusable writing pads and in the baby industry fashionable Toddler T-straps and baby headbands, the popularity of backpacks continues to rise due to its constant appearance in popular culture and social media. I mean, it’s hard to see a celebrity baby that doesn’t have a pair of cute Toddler T-straps or some other cute sneaker or baby booties. Same goes for the backpack. From actors in real life to movie and tv characters and even politicians they all show up on our screens with the accessory flung over their shoulders in an effortless easy going swag. Makes you think: would I appear this cool if I had a backpack too? Chances are yes you will.

Since 2008, the value of backpack sales has grown exponentially every year. According to Euromonitor, in the United States since 2008, the backpack market has grown by 44% with some stores stocking up to 400 different styles. The backpack is inherently more practical and with the rise of casual fashion like athleisure wear, this definitely fits into the trend. As the popularity and cultural convergence of backpacks continue to grow and increase, it’s starting to gain popularity in industries and product categories that otherwise have stuck to traditional bag styles.

Baby Industry

One of the most recent and genius applications of backpack use is in the baby industry. Since Fawn Design hit the market with the Faux Leather Diaper Backpack, the baby industry has not been the same. I mean Diaper Backpacks! Why didn’t anyone think of that before one wonders?

The Faux leather diaper bag is introduced into the baby products industry is an answer to many a prayer. If there’s any demographic that needs the converted convenience that the backpack brings it is definitely parents. Constant running around with kids and on errands, shopping trips, school runs, and road trips. Having a diaper backpack gives the convenience of still having two hands available to do other things while scrambling through the mall with hyperactive kids. The Fawn Design Faux Leather Diaper Bag is unisex so both moms and dads can enjoy its stylish yet functional benefits. It’s made with beautiful authentic easy to clean materials so it goes with any outfit or style aesthetic. It has a total of 10 different zipped compartments, straps made from durable webbing and a keychain. The baby product industry is an approximately 23 billion dollar industry and with 4 million babies born every year in the united states alone. It is a continuously growing industry with new customers on every corner. With statistics like this, one would think it would be next to impossible to find a gap in the market of an unfulfilled need but that’s not the case. Diaper bags have always been in their traditional forms. It’s almost like diaper bags had been ignored by product inventors. Perhaps because of how much of a basic need they (diaper bags) are to parents and an item of functionality, no one thought to make them fashionable as well. It’s like they were hiding in plain sight, ubiquitous yet hidden. But then again no one would think to reinvent sliced bread until someone does. They are carried all day and always within the line of sight so I think making them fashionable while maintaining functionality is a good and needed move.

diaper backpacks

Men Fashion

Data shows that more men are choosing backpacks over professional briefcases and with the rise of business casual dress codes and start-ups and hipster culture the sales of backpacks have increased tremendously among the men above 18 years old demographic.

Women’s Fashion

Backpacks have been used primarily by students to carry books and school items to and from school. It is ubiquitous in classrooms, school buses and school supply shops. It’s available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Perhaps its potential to be greatly customized plus its added swag is why its popularity has grown in women’s’ fashion. Backpacks have become a regular item in the women’s fashion industry. They line the rack in every clothing and accessory store and can be seen on models in magazines. They come in different shapes, colors and sizes (some even as tiny as a wallet).

Kids Fashion

So I mentioned earlier how backpacks are used a lot by kids to carry around school supplies but it doesn’t stop there. Parents these days accessorize their kids with backpacks and with so many options and styles out there it’s no wonder why. One advantage of this is that kids get excited to carry their own items around leaving parents with less stuff to deal with. A good backpack is a sure way to spruce up an outfit or add a pop of color and they go well with toddler shoes like a sneaker or a toddler t-strap sandal.


diaper backpacks

The rise of the e-commerce industry is a major reason for the increase in popularity of the backpack and similar products. E-commerce has been a major driving force in this industry due to its complementary relationship with social media and online marketing. New companies now set up shops primarily online with a marketing strategy that focuses on online and social media. This is a good strategy as it is of greater convenience most of the time for parents to shop online. Sleep deprived new parents find it easier to browse through the net and buy new products for themselves and their babies online and on social media. With web building services like Squarespace and Shopify and shipping services like drop shipping, it’s a lot easier for business owners to bring new products to the market. It’s also easier to offer a wider variety and bring it to the customers directly. When you shop online, you have all the inventory right there on your screen and at your fingertips as opposed to browsing through a store or mall and having to the legwork.