Toddler t-straps

The line: Spare no expense, is sometimes thought to be somewhat oldfashion or no longer hold a place in normal conversation, yet, the principle implies to many aspects in life.  When it comes to our children, there really is no expense too great to make sure they start out well.  One topic that is sometimes overlooked, and pushed aside is that of their feet.  Many parents are looking more closely at footwear and specifically toddler t-straps to help protect their baby’s little feet.

Taking Care of Little Feet

If you don’t live in cold weather, you probably don’t understand the necessity to cover a baby’s foot.  In extreme northern conditions, frostbite can occur in less then 10 minutes in negative degree temperatures and standard wind gusts.  Obviously, you wouldn’t just stand outside with a young one without protection, but circulation in babies is not as vigorous and hardy as is needed in severe weather.

Even in the summer months, foot protection is necessary as temperatures on cement can be well above the actual air temperature.  You may not think this is necessary if your baby isn’t walking yet, but shoes or booties of any sort act as a sun protector, which is always a necessity.

Toddler t-straps

Just as women (and some men shouldn’t be excluded, either) spend great time and effort in finding the perfect shoes, which would include fit, function, color, style and feel.  You baby isn’t going to kick off their shoes just because they aren’t the right color — although, they may kick them off because they don’t want them on.  Getting them used to shoes of any style can be easy for some and an ultimate challenge for others.  Hopefully, you can find a way to work this into daily routine and habits.

A toddler t-strap is an easy to put on shoe that has it’s roots in the roaring 20’s and 30’s of American style.  The more open top of the shoes gave a sense of unique style that hadn’t been seen before, and allowed for fringe and tassels to add flare.

Doubtfully, you are looking to be taking your baby on a wild night of dancing, however, the style is now quite functional and on your baby will show a sense of uniqueness that isn’t just a simply cut booty.

Small Feet – Big Issues

There are a few things that you can be aware of when putting any type of foot covering on your baby:

~Make sure their nails are well trimmed so as not to get caught on threads or within the sides of a shoe

~Take your time putting on a shoes, especially if they are wiggling around, you don’t want to get toes twisted

  • ~Keep their feet and toes clean, threads or hairs can sometimes wrap themselves around a toe and cut off circulation
  • ~Watch to make sure they are wearing the right size: too tight and this can inhibit the growth of the foot; too loose and they can be a tripping hazard
  • ~Tell a doctor if you see anything unusual or concerning

Toddler t-straps

Confusion Abounds

There is much information out there about whether or not to have a baby wear shoes, especially as they are learning to walk.  As with many things in life, you do your research and then make up your own mind.  Not everyone has your child’s interests in mind, nor understand your unique situation.  If shoes are not the right thing, than follow that path.  If, however, they are helpful, then just take care to watch for the above listed items.

At some point, shoes are necessary and it doesn’t matter if the weather is extreme in one direction or another.  Normal tasks and walking about truly require shoes.  Eventually, being outdoors is the want of most parents, to participate in hikes, walks and many other activities.

Just like adults, taking a break from shoes is always a good idea.  Uncovering the feet and letting little toes wiggle is also a necessary and fun part of life.  Many parents also swear by baby massages, including paying attention to feet, as a part of helping bring up a healthy baby.  This is because it helps a child become aware of those body parts and aid in any discomforts that they may be having.

Toddler t-straps

Feet are fundamental to many things that we enjoy, and slipping on a pair of toddler t-straps can make participation in many of these things a wonderful step for your baby or toddler.